Shot Blasting Machine

We are manufacture and deals in different types of shot blasting machines and material . And we have built a trust in our customer’s with our good products and services. We have always understood our customers and provide them a good service, so they are still connected with us. We clear everything in advance to our clients regarding price and services so that no hidden charges are revealed later. Our manufacturer team has an experience of many years so it works well in right way so that there is no chance of complain later. Customers satisfaction is our aim, their satisfaction gives us motivation to work. 

Our Products:-

Table Type Shot Blasting Machine

Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

Sand blasting Abrasive Materials

Air Cooled After coolers

Shot Blasting Material

Tumb Type Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Material

When metal parts are prepared, they often require paint, powder coating or welding coat work before they can be used. Shot blasting prepares metal parts for further processing like painting or powder coating. it is necessary for coating. Shot blasting can clean contaminants like oil or dirts, remove metal oxides like  mill scale or rust. And it makes smooth surface  of metal parts.

 There are various types of metal abrasives used in shot blasting include , copper shots, steel gritand aluminum pellets.

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