Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

We provide the best Hanger type shot blasting machine which has  a cabinet  of suitable dimensions, internally linked with material which is resistant to damage. The turbines are fixed on one of the two side walls. All the number of turbine wheels depends upon the cabinet’s dimensions. The room has a double jointed door from which all the pieces are transferred. The pieces are hinged on hook directly and moved by a trolley either manually or by a motor. The hook then swings in different positions and rotate through a rotating system placed on the roof of the cabinet. The blast cycle runs according to the present programme and blast time. This double movement allows the best analysis of the blasting process. The trolley moves along with a beam that can be straight (in the case where there is only one hook) or Y shaped (in the case where there are two hooks).

We offers the Hanger-type blast machines which are included among the most flexible types of blasting equipments. This machine is commonly used to clear away the rust, scale, sand and burrs from many kinds of work pieces. Hanger-type shot blasting  machine is also used for the finishing process in blasting of sensitive work pieces or for subsequent coating, roughen the surfaces of work piece.


  • Adaptable transport technology.
  • Has highly efficient, productive and effective blast wheels.
  • Numerous sizes and variations of this machine are available.


  • Provides blast cleaning welded steel fabrications.
  • smoothens and makes uniform or similar diecast parts.
  • Peening dynamically stressed components.
  • Removal of mill, forge scale and rust.
  • Increase the roughness of the surfaces.

Other Details of Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

TypeModelCleaning workpiece size
(diameter x height
Carry Capacity per unit hook
AB375Single-Hanger500 x 1000500
AB376Single-Hanger800 x 1200600
AB376EDouble-Hanger800 x 1200600
AB378Single-Hanger1000 x 1500800
AB378EDouble-Hanger1000 x 1500800
AB3710Single-Hanger1200 x 15001000
AB3710EDouble-Hanger1200 x 15001000
AB3720Single-Hanger1500 x 20002000
AB3720EDouble-Hanger1500 x 20003000
AB3730Single-Hanger1500 x 20003000
AB3750Double-Hanger2000 x 25005000

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