Sandblasting Abrasive Materials

Air Cooled compressed air after coolers cool the compressed air with atmospheric air. The compressed air is cooled to approximately 9◦C, above ambient temperature. This substantially reduces the water and other contaminants in your air supply, as water will be reduce by ½ for every 20 degree reduction in temperature. This moisture is then removed from the system with a separator and drain assembly. A sufficient capacity after cooler can take up to 80% of the moisture present in the compressed air. Air Cooled Aftercooler is used in food, mining and construction industry. It uses either air or water and is an effective means of removing moisture from compressed air.

It also consist a round table over which, the ingredients to be blasted are placed and the table rotates vertically therefore exposing the components to the blast stream. These machines also have another table hinged to them in order to reduce the cycle time. The second part of the table is on other side of opening which is offloaded and loaded when the blasting is in process on the first one. Our Table Type Shot Blasting Machines are available at very competitive price.

Apart from it, you also need to analyze the degree of work and the type of sandblasting abrasive media; tools are required for effective sandblasting. Meanwhile, the types of material used for different surface depends on how difficult the removal. So it is mandatory to know more about the abrasive blasting material & instructions for the excellent sandblasting work. Here is the detail of the sandblasting abrasive material which for effective sand blasting.

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