Table Type Shot Blasting Machine

We provide you with the finest Table type shot blasting machine and after using this machine you can increase your production capacity at a low-cost. Now let’s talk about the machine for component loading table type shot blasting machine has one or two rotary tables. The blast wheel on the top cleans the component after the table mounted on the door swings inside the cabinet. The rotation of the table is in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, for entire cleaningRequires the component to be placed upside down and then blasted to cover the bottom of the component. A short name of this machine is TT shot blasting machine by Maruti manufacturing.

This machine is also consisted of a round table and the blasting ingredients are placed on the top of that round table and it rotates vertically so that the components should be highlighted in the blast stream. The table types blasting machine has proved to be very useful & effective in the industries these days, which is being used in various types of metal industry.

This shot blasting table type machine is very suitable for cleaning Pump Casings, Motor bodies, Oil engine parts. Most of the customers prefers this machine for surface construction before making the rubber and powder coating. This machine can do a lot of work on a large scale.

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Impeller DiaMM300300380500500500
NO. of tables121212
work Load on tableKG50050075075020002000
Abrasive Flow rateKG/MIN150150200250300300
Exhaust AirCFM130013001300170030003000

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