Tumb Type Shot Blasting Machine

We provide the best Tumb Type Shot Blasting Machine in India. This Tumb Type shot blasting machine is used to separate rust and sand from cast, aluminum, forged & welded parts as well as other non-ferrous parts. This is especially effective for clean the parts, non-core castings & non-fragile parts etc. These shot blasting machines are also available for full automation.

This machine is broadly used in many industries for provide best clean and finished surfaces. We are offering great and excellent quality of tumb type shot blast machine.

We provide all models of Tumb type shot blasting machine. This tumb type shot blasting machine is available in many sizes or models and it also have different  types of applications for cleaning purposes.

Features of our product:

1. Tumb type shot blasting machine have simple & durable structure.

2. Machine Segregator is very efficient & it also protects blast wheel too.

3. Bag dust filter incredible reduce air pollution and also enhance the work capacity of this machine.

4. Tumb type shot blasting machine operation is very easy & reliable.

5. The performance of the tumb type shot blasting machine is incredible. 

6. This Machine has very negligible maintenance.

7. This machine also provide best cleaning and finishing surface.

Applications of tumb type shot blasting machine :-

  • Preparation of the surfaces for protective coating.
  • Shot peening of any heavily stressed components.
  • Descending & descaling of casting and forgings.
  • This machine remove heat-treated scales.
  • This machine provides Aesthetic finishing of tint part of aluminum, zinc, and alloy steels.
  • Cleaning of castings & forgings.
SIZEINCHES20 x 2727 x 3636 x 4245 x 60
mm508 x 686686 x 914914 x 10671143 x 1524
Work Volume(CFT)25714
Work Load Capacity(kg.)150250400800
Impleller Wheel DiaMM300380500500
Power of Wheel(HP)5101515
Conveyor TypeRubberRubberRubber/SteelSteel
Exhaust Air(cft/min.)1300170022003000
Throught (Shot Flow Rate)kg./min.150250300300
Total Power LoadH.P.1118.528.536
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